Monday, May 12, 2008

The cruise

For Christmas this year the oldest three got a cruise trip for spring break vacation. We drove all the way to L.A. the first stop we went to San Deigo and to Sea World. The next day we stopped at Catalina Island. The third day we went to Ensanada Mexico. Then the Last night we went back to L.A. It was a blast we had so much fun!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

About the Kids

Ashley- Ashley is the oldest and only girl of 5 kids. She is 13 almost 14 years old. She enjoys sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. She loves to be around little kids and has a talent with them. For that reason when she gets older she wants to become a neonatal nurse.

Austin- Austin is the oldest boy out of the 4. Austin is 11 years old. Austin has found a new hobbie this year which is trapping, you can always find Austin out setting traps or playing with his red bone hound dog he got for Christmas. Besides trapping Austin enjoys Basketball,Football, and Baseball.

Alex-Alex is 9 years old. He is in third grade and is very smart! Alex also likes Basketball, football, and baseball. He is a good help around the house and is a good help with his little brothers!

Andrew- Andrew is in kindergarten this year. He loves school and is reading so good! Anderw is 6 years old. Andrew is in his second year of T-ball this year and enjoys going to each practice! Andrew is a big help taking care of his family and knows how to make everyone smile!

Ashton- Ashton is the youngest out of the bunch. Ashton is 3 years old and is a handfull! Ashton loves to help cook! Everyday Ashton says somthing to make everyone laugh. Ashton is the only one at home durring the day and keeps mom company.